outubro 07, 2007

Gold and diamonds

From Engadget

Now there's a new Apple gadget on the block that literally makes every other Apple device look dull. A company called Computer Choppers has put together a Gold-plated MacBook Pro, with an appropriately diamond studded Apple logo. 24-carat gold HP Laserjet p2015 Voodoo's OMEN24k PC is certified gold
The gold aluminum keyboard

Pentax shiny LX Gold SLR

Minox DC1011, now gold-plated Gold and silver USB drives

Gresso's new USB flash drives come adorned in wood and diamonds

Nintendo giving away gold Game Boy Advance SPs

LG Royal Gold 71 Inch TV

Jens Of Sweden Excentrique MP-400 gold-plated playa

Samsung pimps out 18K gold YP-Z5

From Engadget

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