outubro 11, 2007

Muslim Barbie Doll

Na Indonésia foi criada uma Barbie que veste as roupas tradicionais. O nome da boneca também mudou. Chama-se Salma.
The Salma Doll, termed as the "Muslim Barbie Doll" looks demure and conservative. There are no hot shorts or crop tops for this Barbie-lookalike, and certainly no boyfriend. An Indonesian has come up with a modest alternative to the popular doll which she hopes will inspire virtue in Muslim girls.

Called Salma, from the Arabic word for peace, the doll comes dressed in a variety of costumes, ranging from the black “abaya” cloak to a loose-fitting white prayer dress.
All Salma’s clothes are long-sleeved and down to her ankles and come with matching headscarves that cover her hair.

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