novembro 05, 2007

Tutankhamun's face shown for first time

For generations, Tutankhamun has captured the public imagination around the world. Although he was only a minor royal in his day, it was the treasures discovered in his tomb that turned him into one of the iconic symbols of ancient Egypt.

In 2005 , scientists have carried out the first facial reconstructions of Egypt's most famous ancient king, Tutankhamun. The models of the boy king, who died 3,300 years ago, revealed a young man with plump cheeks and a round chin. The king was a slightly built, but healthy man of 19 when he died, and probably died of complications from a broken leg, rather than being murdered as long suspected.
Now the true face of ancient Egypt's boy king Tutankhamun has been revealed to the public for the first time. The body was moved because of fears that increased humidity, caused by the breath and sweat of visitors to the chamber, were damaging it where it lay in the sarcophagus.
The body will remain in Egypt, on display in a perspex cabinet specially designed to preserve it in good condition.

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